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MesajKonu: Registration HERE!.   23/12/2009, 01:51

Dear Guest, WELCOME!
Thank you for choosing us.
Flight Simulator related to our site you can solve ALL your problems.
Seeking hundreds to scenerys airport,
Various models of virtual airlines for aircraft painting, liverys, unpainted paintkits,
hundreds of airlines logos and text font of the queue,
to airport design,
documentation of flight training,
Aircraft control panel and use the tools to work the documentation of training,
Current aviation news,
Model aircraft types and hundreds of productions .. Subject can reach your own scenery, aircraft painting and all other rules within your share you can share to VAPS !.

Take advantage of these services free to register below "RULES" AFTER READING
lower the "I Accept" to the article, just click.

Registration Rules
1. Membership is completely free.
2. After registration, your user name to Forum may issue, please reply.
3. Different user names and meaningless, contrary to the rules by registering with the usernames is prohibited.
Depraved when registering names to choose, someone else's user name to join the forum, just to become a member meaningless user to select names, signatures Political and Religious Purposes, obscene articles to write, add images, and advertising is prohibited.
4. Registration in the wrong forum or of those who have missing information, such as to 3.topic against the rules of those who sign up with a name or by taking the first penalty has been removed from the forum members, they opened with another name with a new membership at the old membership, by administrators can be deleted without notice.
5. VALID e-mail address with the registration process and correct your e-mail address is VALID after the complete activation mail will come to. Mail your membership in the routing link can be active.
6. 180 days (6 months) for a period of not logging memberships to Forum, are permanently removed by us from time to time.

I accept! ------------ I do not accept !


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Registration HERE!.
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